Project Implementation Area: All over the Bangladesh.
Funding Partner: LGED (UGIIP-2)

 In 2013, Eakok organized a series of free medical camp all over the country. Highly dedicated and specialized physicians team from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University and other well-known medical institutions checkup the patients on the spot. In this connection first camp was held in Donbari Pourashava premise in Tangail district on dated 15/02/2013. In total 700 poorest patients were treated in this camp, the breakdown of the patients:

 SL NO  Name of the Disease  No. of Patients
 01  Cancer  4
 02  Eye related problems  300
 03  Maxillofacial related problems  200
 04  Child patients  100
 05  General treatment  96


 Project Implementation Area: Chuadanga & Kushtia.
Funding Partner: Own fund, Chuadanga Zilla Summmity and Civil Service Office Chuadanga
Project Duration: 1999 to till date

 According to the goal of MDG and PRSP our organization plays a vital role in the community doing best for the people as below;


 i. Awareness building for the pregnant mother of pre-natal activities;
ii. Taking sufficient nutritious food.
iii. For Regular Health Checkup linkage with the clinic.
iv. Safe blood transfusion management linkage.
v. Campaign for mother health care by leaflet, bill board, festoon, banner, etc.

Post Natal:

 i. Promotion of Breast feeding;
ii. Child care.
iii. Prevention Hepatitis – B including EPI;
iv. Motivation of Contraceptive usage.
v. Nutritious Food care

Provide Free Maternal Health Service

 i. To provide maternal health care services
ii. To provide support of pediatric health care.
iii. Promotion of family planning services.
iv. Awareness of health education.
v. Prevention of Hepatitis – B including EPI
vi. Prevention of TB

Tobacco Control Campaign

  Campaign for the especially poor pregnant mother against tobacco usages for their health care by leaflet, bill board, festoon, banner, etc, target participant are;
1. Day labor
2. Made servant.
3. Indigenous
4. Field worker


Project Implementation Area: 11 Districts of Bangladesh.
Funding Partner: Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh
Project Duration : 2002

 An Evaluation Report on “Male Attitude towards Reproductive Health, Reproductive Right, Gender Equity and Male Role in Parenthood and Family Health” was conducted


by the organization. This project was for Evaluating of Training Program conducted through 12 Training Institutes of Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) throughout Bangladesh. Duration of the project was 6-months. Under the project the following activities were conducted

• Baseline & Midterm survey.
• Workshop come interview.
• Focus Group discussion
• Facts Findings.
• Compilation of the reports.
• Sharing of the reports with respective stakeholders through National Seminar.
• Target people of the project: .
• B.D.R Personnel.
• Police Personnel.
• Ansar VDP Personnel .
A total of 217 participants were covered from the above groups. The above activities were conducted in 12 training centers of which the breakdown are as follows: 3 Camps and training center of BDR, 3 Premises of SP Offices, 3 Police Thana Based and 3 Training center of Anser & VDP.