To improve the livelihood condition of the target population and the disadvantaged communities of the society we have a plan to undertake quality public and private services in the selected intervention areas like skill development training, formal and informal education, reproductive health and awareness, to ensure friendly sustainable ecological balance and various types of awareness program on social issues for their better- off and healthier life. Our strategic choices are as following:

  • Enhancing capacity of the community people to analyze their socio-economic situation, understand their needs and claim quality services, and to work on building opportunities for having the services in fulfillment of the needs;
  • Facilitation of building institutional capacity to ensure that the local government and sectoral service providers delivered quality services;
  • Conducting pro-poor policy advocacy for increasing access of the disadvantaged group to the services that they are entitled to; and
  • Providing specialized sector wide need-based services in the areas, where there are gaps or the disadvantaged groups do not have access

    The Gender Policy is existing based on the vision, values and mission of the organization. The objective of the policy is to mainstream and promote gender equality in every aspect of organizationís activities-institutional as well as programmatic. Organization observes zero tolerance towards any deviation from its gender policy.