Project Implementation Area: Natore District.
Funding Partner: Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)
Research Initiative Bangladesh (RIB)
Project Duration: From November 2004 to till date.

EAKOK is continuing pre-school education program with financial support of Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) & Research Initiative Bangladesh (RIB) from 2004. EAKOK apply an innovative way to provide pre-school education to the children of hardcore poor of age group 4 to 6. This program makes capable them to admit in a Govt. Primary School and continue their study. That is the early childhood learning education system would serve the bridge for the children to enter into primary school. This education will help the children to cope with the education, which is given in class-I of any Government Primary school. Materials/technique used: playing instruments, such as toys, puzzles, pocket board, blackboard, cultural activities, special computer program, etc.

Overall objective of the Program
Contribute to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) that recognizes children every where, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of quality primary schooling by 2015

Main Activities of the Program
1.Providing high quality initial training on pre-school activities, child focused teaching learning pedagogy and proper management of NPE centers in the project area
2. Provide balanced diet.
3. Orientation of communities
4. Mobilizing Local community Based Organization (CBOs)
5. Training CBOs and CMCs, PTA
6. Forming class group from the selected targeted children
7. Support and develop the capacity of the teachers

Target Beneficiaries of the Program
Disable, Disadvantaged, Street and working children, indigenous, Dropped out children from poorest families of rural and slum areas, left out children of tribal community, Children with disability who are excluded from the main stream of education