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Project Implementation Area: Natore District.
Funding Partner: Japan Water Forum
Project Duration: From October-2011 to June 2012.

Object of the project is to make aware the indigenous community people to get safe drinking water as well as use of hygienic sanitary latrine to help the Government to ensure 100% coverage of sanction facilities by 2015.


  • Aware about their safe health.
  • Institutional and operational capacity of the Indigenous group strengthened
  • Management systems tools developed and in use.
  • Eco-friendly atmosphere will exist.
  • Eakok staff is awarering about safe health and installation of tube well in the Indigenous Community


    For each cluster at least 2/3 teams formed to monitor the activities mentioned that the team members were trained up how to monitor the ctivities.

    Trained team members to disseminate the message to the community people about the importance of good hygiene in that case few people from the ethnic group (Indigenous people) to manage their right based approach activities with respect to health and sanitation.

    Prepared operational manual/flip chart which helped them to use sanitary latrine and tube well and to get rid of arsenic as well. This manual/flip chart consists of related to all the hygiene related issues.

    Promulgate (Spread) enabling regulation of the Govt. Good health for all. It can be considered as campaigning work. For doing that rally, symposiums, universal declaration day by the UN of the Indigenous people will be observed.

    Introduced 3 community operational growth monitoring centers where the beneficiaries are aware about their health related issues as well as are acquainted about nutrition levels of the children.

    Undertake community based traditional birth attendance ( TBA ) and paramedics employed who made door to door visit and monitor the health related issues and disseminated message about the use of importance of using safe drinking water and hygienic sanitary latrine

    Provided advice to the community chief about health related issues especially giving importance on safe drinking water and use of sanitary latrine who can disseminate message to the community people. For doing that chief of the community were trained

    A panel of 5 technicianís were directly involved to identify the arsenic affected tube well and monitor the sanitary latrine whether it was installed properly or not as well as disseminate message how to use sanitary latrine. They also visited the boring side during installation of the tube well