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Project Implementation Area: Chuadanga Districts of Bangladesh.
Funding Partner: Agrani Bank Ltd.
Project Duration: February 2013 to till date

The main objectives of the project

  • Reduce health hazard
  • Stop dropout out rate
  • Reduce fuel consumption cost
  • Reduce emission of Co2
  • Solar energy has made it a popular alternative to conventional energy sources, which are rapidly expanding in the country. So far only a small portion of solar energy is being strap up for useing in solar lighting, water heating and solar powered irrigation, etc. Very recent Eakok has signed a MoU with Agrani Bank Ltd. to implement of solar solutions including home lighting, street lighting, water heating systems, irrigation systems, support for computer and other electronic systems and a number of other solutions. Eakok is starting to implement this program in Chuadanga district in Bangladesh.