Project Implementation Area: Godagari & Poba Upazilas of Rajshahi District.
Partner: Department of women Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children

Affairs, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
Project Duration: From 2012-2014.

All VGD women of these two Upazillas has been covered by the development package service consist of providing training on awareness and income generating activities issues, savings management and access to credit support. There are several activities that are to be covered by development package services as follows:

  • Formation of group with VGD participants: To ensure finalization of group formation consisting of 20-25 participants and should strive for 100% attendance and active participation of VGD women in the village organization (VO) meetings to ensure delivery of both extensive and intensive support services.
  • Social awareness training: The VGD women are receiving formal training on different awareness issues on the daily life, i.e. mother and child health, food and nutrition, risk management of natural disasters, HIV/AIDS prevention, personal hygiene and cleanings, gender equity and women empowerment, implementation of the training activities includes two distinct steps. The basic parts of the training program are providing awareness on different functional issues, contribute to change attitude and generate committed to bring change in the behavior and practices in the functional life. The second part is the repressors part.
  • Income generating related training: The ultra poor VGD women are receiving IGA skill training on for generic training manuals i.e. Poultry Rearing, Kitchen Gardening, Cow and Goat Rearing, Entrepreneurship development to enhance the livelihoods and self reliance. Implementation of the training activities includes two distinct steps: Basic and repressors parts. Both the parts of the training program are providing the understanding about the know-how about the particular IGA and the skill required to implement the activities. The training are equip the participants with business knowledge including selection, planning and management of income generating activities.
  • Management of saving schemes: Organization is managing VGD saving which are collecting from the VGD members on a weekly basis in the group meetings. NGO opened a separate Bank Account in each Upazila, jointly managed by the relevant Govt. and NGO officials, where all the accumulated VGD saving money are maintaining. The saving money will be reimbursed as cash to VGD women with the interest as soon as after completion of VGD cycle.
  • Access to credit: The VGD women are considered eligible to receive the credit fund from the NGO without any collateral. The VGD women who are interested may have access to credit to promote income generating activities. Credit shall be given to VGD women based on the viability of credit and market analysis of respective IGAs